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Beställ er mensskyddsautomat
The Standard subscription is for businesses that want menstrual care products sent out automatically every month, quarter or half year, hence the menstrual care products are included in this subscription. This means you do not have to keep track of your consumption and you get rid of the administration.
☆ We give you the first refill for free!
The Basic subscription is for smaller businesses that want to rent the machines from us but want to keep track of their consumption. In this subscription, you order your own refill according to your own needs via My Pages.
Always included:
› Mounting accessories
› Batteries
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Sanitary dispenser

Gratis tamponger och bindor
A Swedish innovation

When all the world’s businesses have RedLocker, you will not want to be without it! RedLocker is the Nordic region’s first menstrual protection machine with a built-in technical locking function. The locking function enables businesses to offer menstrual care products free of charge to the user in an economically sustainable way. The machine locks for 4 minutes after a withdrawal, before the next withdrawal is possible. The menstrual care products dispensers are built in stainless steel to be suitable for toilet environments, and it is also environmentally friendly. Our machines have an estimated lifetime of up to 10 years, without demanding maintenance. The machines are powered by AA batteries connected to a sleep mode function when the machine is not in use and therefore do not require a power source.

A toilet brush is white – a dispenser for menstrual care products is red. Not blue and not pink. Why is menstrual blood presented blue, pink or white in advertising and media if it were not for the taboo that is related to menstruation? Breaking the taboo is at least as important and part of our work and we do this by making our red, menstrual care products machines visible. RedLocker is an initiative that is visible and it has its reason. All our machines are and will always be red, as long as they contain menstrual care products. 🩸

› Mounted with 4 screws and possibly plug (included in delivery)
› When refilling, tampons are placed in the machine’s three gutters
› 2 keys to each machine (included with delivery)
› 60 cm (L), 21 cm (W), 6 cm (D)
› Unbreakable glass at the front

Our tampons

Gratis tamponger
The period is natural- so are our tampons

RedLocker is a long-term solution and therefore quality and sustainability are important to us. Tampons are intimate hygiene products and therefore we need to take responsibility for ensuring that the ones in our machines maintain high quality, for the user. After many tests, comparisons and strict requirements, we have chosen to collaborate with Kronans Apotek. 🌱

› Completely free of plastics, chemicals, dyes and chlorine.
› Rounded top and smooth surface layer for comfortable use.
› Nordic Ecolabelled

What our customers say

Madeleine Sahlin, principal, Fryshuset Grundskola 7-9

For us, the young people are the most important thing, our entire concept at Fryshuset is about us being for and with young people. So when it comes to initiatives like these that are from young and for young, why should we not listen to it? To make it so easily accessible, simple, cheap and at the same time to be a part of the forefront of offering free menstrual care products for our young people, I think is natural!

Hanna Lundstedt, HR Manager, Magcom

We think this should be a matter of course in all workplaces by 2021.

Werner Gerholm, vice principal, Nacka Gymnasium

We know that a good attendance is a prerequisite for success in school and we believe that RedLocker will contribute to increased attendance among our female students. We also believe that RedLocker will reduce taboos around menstruation, contribute to reduced anxiety and stress and increased security at school. If you want to contribute to increased gender equality in society, it is a matter of course to have RedLocker.


Make change with us!

Gratis tamponger – ekologiska, veganska och fria från kemikalier

Be part of something bigger – RedLocker’s work to make change

Since the beginning, RedLocker has been a company that wants to have a positive impact on the world, especially for women. As a company with women in focus, it is our responsibility to do everything we can to create change that makes a difference for real and for as many people as possible. RedLocker works in a vision that we achieve real change together. By that we mean that we believe that everyone can be a part of our work to make change and contribute to a more equal society. We have invented the best solution but it is our fantastic customers who make the real difference.

Something magical is happening in the RedLocker community. There are not many similarities between a bank and a school, or a swimming hall and an industrial company, but we have succeeded in creating a common denominator. RedLocker of course! We unite customers from completely different industries by taking a joint initiative based on a belief in being involved in creating change. As our community grows, it enables us as a company to grow and continue our work to a greater extent. Thanks to the fact that perhaps your company wants to join our work to create change, we can reach out to more places such as schools and other places that really need us. Within five years, our goal is to be involved and create real change in menstrual-related issues in developing countries, through RedLocker in some form. Before that, we must make menstrual care products self-evident in countries where it should have been self-evident a long time ago.

There is a power in coming together. By jointly showing that we think this issue is important, it is easier for more people to participate.

We call that creating change in a larger context!

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