RedLocker in Dragon’s Den

RedLocker i Draknästet 2021

Does RedLocker convince the Dragons that they will conquer the world with their red machine – in this year’s season of Dragons Den.

August 19th 21.00 on SVT1.

Now the countdown really begins, the day we have been waiting for is finally approaching. On 19 August at 21.00 on SVT1, our red machine for menstrual care products @RedLocker will be on national TV (and us, Liza and Clara of course). Last winter we were asked to apply to Draknästet. With hand sweat and pulse, we soon found out that RedLocker was one of the selected companies that where given the opportunity to come and pitch. There and then the nervousness became quite insignificant, because what we saw was our big dream to take our change work with RedLocker to the next level.

In the taxi on the way to SVT that day last winter, something symbolic happened that later became the energy we had when we stepped on stage. That day we had full activity on our tip form where people can tip us anonymously about schools and workplaces that lack free menstrual care products. Tip after tip was sent in and we read them aloud to each other in the car. We both suddenly sat with goosebumps in the taxi and it made us feel the whole army of people behind us who believe in RedLocker. An army of both young people and adults who wrote to us that they experienced the same problems as us and who wanted to see RedLocker at their particular school or workplace. When it was our turn to step up to the stage, it felt like we were doing it for them. For all those people who may have had to leave their workplace or school on that particular day due to menstruation.

From the classroom at Nacka Gymnasium three years ago, to SVT’s largest recording studio and the last thing we heard before we entered the stage was “Camera 1 ready, camera 2 ready, shooting – black”. You will see what happened after that on Thursday. It was an honor to pitch for some of Sweden’s foremost entrepreneurs and investors:

Jacob de Geer, founder of Izettle.

Lena Apler, angel investor and founder of Collector bank.

Sara Wimmercranz, founder of Footway and runs Backing Minds.

Shervin Razani, founder of Jurek and hotel owner.

Jonas Eriksson, former football referee at elite level and now entrepreneur and investor.

If the Dragons were hit by our vision that RedLocker is here to change the world, you’ll see on Thursday. Our journey has just begun. See you on TV, SVT1 at 21.00 on Thursday, do not miss it!

Together we create change!