About RedLocker

What is RedLocker?

RedLocker exists to create equal and inclusive environments by making free menstrual care products available. We do this through our red machines that provide 100% organic tampons and pads. The unique feature of our machines is that they have a built-in technical lock time, which prevents the user from taking more tampons than necessary.

When RedLocker is available everywhere, you will not want to be without it. It is never too late to make a change and you are very welcome to join our movement!

How does RedLocker work towards the UN’s global sustainability goals?

We work towards the UN’s sustainability goal 3: health and well-being and sustainability goal 5: gender equality. We do this through our work, which is basically about helping businesses create better conditions for people. To work for increased equality is to work for all people’s ability to manage their everyday lives without gender restrictions. Health and well-being is largely about the right to have the opportunity to maintain personal hygiene. A person who is menstruating and does not have access to menstrual care products can not maintain good hygiene but is forced to solve the problem through paper in their panties, or leave the place you are at to go home. By making menstrual care products available, you meet the basic needs of menstruating people and thereby give them the opportunity to stay in their everyday life.

Read more about the work we do towards the UN’s sustainability goals together with our customers here.

How can I collaborate with RedLocker?

Feel free to send us an email at info@redlocker.se. Regarding school lectures, we happily share our journey from UF company to RedLocker of today. We do not always have the logistic opportunity to squeeze inspirational lectures into our calendar, but we love to inspire students to run sustainable and successful UF companies. Please get in touch with us!

Before placing your order

How many machines can I order?

Of course, there is no limit to how much change you can create with us, but if you are looking on more than 10 machines then please contact us directly. Our sales team happily to tailors a quote for larger inquiries and will help you place your order. Contact information can be found right here or at contact us in the menu above.

How frequently will we have to refill our machines?

Here’s a guideline: a school with 500 students needs one refill of 90 tampons approximately every other month. A workplace with 50+ employees needs one refill of 90 tampons approximately every three months.

In a place that has never offered menstrual care products before the consumption may be difficult to foresee. There are several parameters, such as the number of employees who menstruate, how much time they spend in the office and how many of them uses their own menstrual care products. Our customers regularly express that the consumption is less than they thought it would be. This is thanks to the locker’s time lock function which makes sure that only one tampon or pad is offered per toilet visit.

Who will take care of refilling the lockers?

The refill can be done by your janitor or an office manager. In schools the student union usually enjoys being responsible for the refill. It takes 1-3 minutes to fill a completely empty locker.

The reason as to why RedLocker does not come to your site to fill the machines is connected to our change work and profiling of the product. We work to achieve similarity between offering toilet paper. Therefore, in the same way that no one comes to refill your toilet paper, we do not come to refill menstrual care products.

Can you help install the machines?

Yes! We install the machines upon delivery if you wish. RedLocker collaborates with a craftsman company that is located throughout the Nordic region. The installation takes about 15 minutes and if you want the machines installed when delivered, you choose it as an add-on when placing your order. When you do so, we will get in touch to confirm your booking and sort the details!

How many machines does our business need?

Since the machine holds 90 tampons, it takes a long time before the machine is empty and you usually have time to discover that it needs to be refilled before then. With that said, you do not really need a machine in every single toilet space. Over time, your employees, students or guests will also learn which toilets have menstrual care products.

Most people decide the amount and location according to what the property looks like, so that employees, students or guests do not have to go from one side of the building to the other to get menstrual care products. We therefore usually recommend that you place a machine next to the most used toilet groups or a machine per floor / department. You can also clarify which toilet has menstrual care products through a nice red sign on the toilet door that can be ordered as an additional product.

My subscription

How do we order more tampons or pads for our lockers?

Businesses that have the Basic subscription order more tampons on My pages. You simply state how much is needed under the tab Order more menstrual care products and your order is sent within 3-5 working days. If anything is unclear or if you wish for help, do not hesitate to contact us!

If you have the Standard subscription, your refills will be sent automatically as agreed. Get in touch with us if your arrengment needs temporary or permanent adjusting!

Can we pause or cancel our subscription?

Yes, you can pause (or cancel) your subscription under Tasks on My pages. If anything about our product doesn’t meet your expectations we want to know about it! Please get in touch and we will find a solution to any problem you might experience.

How do we change our subscription?

On My pages you can do the following:

  • View and change your information
  • Order refill of tampons
  • Skip the next refill

Under Tasks you can do the following:

  • Update your personal information and change passwords
  • See delivery status for products that have not yet been delivered
  • Change delivery address for each subscription
  • Update your billing information
How does the payment work?

Payment is made via invoice to the email address you specified when ordering. The first invoice comes after delivery and then the invoicing takes place semi-annually.

Product information

What tampons and pads come with RedLocker?

We offer Nordic Ecolabelled products in collaboration with Kronans Apotek. This is a very concious decision after rigorous comparison to make sure our users get top quality tampons and pads without chlorine, bleach or other chemicals. Read more about our menstrual care products here.

All normal size tampons fit in RedLocker.

How long do RedLockers machines last?

RedLocker is a long-term solution and the machines are designed for a long service life. According to our own tests, the machines have a lifespan of well over 10 years.

Where are RedLocker’s products manufactured?

All our products are designed and manufactured in Sweden. We have carefully selected our manufacturers and subcontractors to make sure they are experts with extensive experience in their respective fields. We do everything we can to provide top quality products!

It is also our responsibility to take our environment into account. By having our production in Sweden we avoid unnecessary international shipping and hence unnecessary emission. We follow a strict environmental policy in both the manufacturing process and when selecting materials.

Read more about our machines here.

Does the machines require a power source?

No! The machines are powered by standard AA batteries that are programmed with sleep mode, which results in the batteries not being consumed when the machines are not in use.

Technical problems

Are you experiencing technical problems?

Try the following:

  • Restart your device and try again
  • Open a new browser and try again
  • Use another device

Still in trouble? Get in touch at info@redlocker.se and we will help you!