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“The school project that reached all the way to government agency”

– It is a very special feeling to go to and from meetings with the red machine on your back. Because I always think: what if all these women knew that a change in our society is well on its way. Liza Eriksson, one of RedLocker’s founders.

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Words from the founders

Liza Eriksson och Clara Lidman – grundare av RedLocker.
A journey with the goal of changing the world
Redlocker was invented as a solution to a problem that we ourselves experienced many times during our own school days. A problem that made us leave school several times, that had us miss lessons, bleed through the pants and made us have constant worry about our period.
It quickly became clear that we were not the only ones who felt that way. RedLocker was founded in 2018 as a UF company (young entrepreneurship) with the goal of developing a product that would create change for future students at our own high school. Already a few months after our start, it became clear that we were not alone in having experienced the taboos, worries and obstacles that are related to menstruation. RedLocker turned out to be the solution that many had been waiting for.
The very first red machine was developed with the help of the boys in the technology class at the school. Today, that machine is a souvenir in the office and much has happened since then, but it symbolizes the start of our journey. A journey with the goal of changing the world into a more equal place.

When we founded RedLocker, there was no distribution solution for menstrual care products from what we saw. We had never seen a solution that would work in all different types of places, both in a school and in a hotel. So we developed our own, a solution that enables any business to offer free menstrual care products in a sustainable and long-term way. RedLocker is not a luxury, requires no maintenance and is far from a product in the style of “nice to have” only for those companies that have financial opportunity. RedLocker is a solution for everyone. For everyone to be able to offer free menstrual care products, just like toilet paper.

We let the users speak for themselves

Matilda employee at SYKES Sweden

I am so enormously proud to be part of a company that takes gender equality seriously! Today we have hung up our first dispenser which means that we offer FREE menstrual care products to all our employees on our site in Jönköping! Cheers SYKES Sweden and Cheers RedLocker who make it possible!

Anonymous student from the student union at ProCivitas high school in Stockholm

It’s really so fun that we got through this at school. Again, we are so grateful that all students are given this opportunity.


Viktoria employee at ICANIWILL

Our RedLocker is so nice, and it feels so fun to be in a workplace that offers this. I think everyone should do it!

Anonymous message to us at RedLocker

I absolutely love what you do, thank you for all the difference you make to people. Never stop RedLocker!