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Toilet paper is offered for free- do the same with menstrual hygiene products!

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320 SEK/month

› Dispenser for menstrual care products
› Refills with menstrual care products are sent to you as often as you want.
› A free first charge of tampons is included


229 SEK/month

› Dispenser for menstrual care products
› Order tampons yourself after your own needs

How it works

Gratis mensskydd med mensskyddsautomat

Dispenser for menstrual care products

RedLocker is a subscription service for dispensers for menstrual care products.

Menstrual care products

In the subscription, you can choose whether menstrual care products should be sent out automatically or if you want to order refills yourself according to your own needs.

Be a part of the change

By offering free menstrual care products to your employees, students or visitors, you increase safety and create an inclusive environment in your business. At the same time, you are part of our important work to create change, together with many more businesses.

You subscribe for exactly as long as you want, but hopefully forever, because we know we are needed.

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Why RedLocker?

Realize UN Sustainability Goals 5 & 3

Goal 5 Gender equality – Means that everyone should have the same rights, obligations and opportunities. To work for increased equality is to work for all people to be able to manage their everyday lives and live their lives without gender restrictions.

Goal 3 Health and well-being – Good health and hygiene are basic prerequisites for people’s ability to reach their full potential and contribute to the development of society. It is a human right to have the right to good hygiene when you are menstruating.

Save time, energy & work labor

A person who does not have access to menstrual care products is forced to leave work or school to go to the store. Another chooses to solve the situation with toilet paper until they get home and is uncomfortable for a whole day. Surveys also show that several women choose to leave work immediately to go home. However, this is something that the manager rarely finds out about, as there is unfortunately a taboo related to menstruation and therefore many excuse themself for another reason.

Break the Stigma and Shame of menstruation

If menstrual care products were available in all toilets, it would, just like toilet paper, have been a natural part of a toilet environment. Then it would also be easier to talk about menstruation in a non-shameful way. To achieve this, RedLocker needs to be available in all toilets outside the home to make menstrual care products available. In addition, RedLocker is an initiative that is visible, which does not go unnoticed, and in this way we reduce taboos related to menstruation.

Increase safety

When RedLocker is available, you can always be assured that there are products available if your period should come unexpectedly or if you have forgotten to bring menstrual care products. It increases safety in all places outside the home.


Our customers’ saying

We tend to overestimate technological developments and underestimate behavior change. I believe that gender equality development will be the greatest impact of our time in the long term. At the same time, it is embarrassing that we have not taken this step before, RedLocker should be a matter of course in all workplaces! Are you with us?
Rickard Lyko, CEO Lyko
For Sandvik, the collaboration with RedLocker is a practical way to show our strong commitment and progress in gender equality and inclusion. When we presented the idea for our largest facilities in Sweden in the spring of 2021, the initial reaction was very positive, which has also been shown by the fact that a large number of RedLocker units have been ordered. In addition to the product itself, RedLocker also has a clear connection to entrepreneurship, business development and young entrepreneurship – something that Sandvik supports and works actively with through our two independent high schools.
Johan Mildner, Country HR Coordinator Sweden, Sandvik Group
At school, we only have practical vocational programs and many of the programs are traditionally male-dominated, so this sends signals to both boys and girls that everyone is welcome. I hope we can normalize and, in the best of worlds, inspire others. In the past, menstrual protection has been offered – but only through the café and at the school nurse. But you have to ask for it, and then it becomes an obstacle. With the dispenser machine we can get away with it. You only take one when you need it.
Tobias Ejdeholm, Principal, Praktiska High School

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Gratis mensskydd

The school project that reached all the way to government agency

-It is a very special feeling to go to and from meetings with the red machine on your back. Because I always think: what if all these women knew that a change in our society is well on its way. Liza Eriksson, one of RedLocker’s founders.

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